John Bluem wrote: Hey All, Well the Deer Hunt/Grudge match is over, and things went rather well, I think. The trail in stayed in good shape for arriving and leaving, which had me worried. The snow that arrived early Saturday morning along with the warm temperature made for a very enjoyable day. There was an abundance of things to eat and drink. Five pies sent by Trudy Christensen along with a box of cookies sent by Pat Hall didn't last long at all. THANKS ladies from us all! I also must mention the jug of punch brought by Mile Root was OUTSTANDING! Lyle One Shot Bennett won the long shot just edging out Mike Root. Lord Calvin wasn't able to attend, however his team managed to prevail. The team captain was Jim Hall in Lord Calvin's absence, He once again led the team to victory. He has a record of 100% wins. Each time the team leader has been absent he fills in for the absent captain and leads the team to a win. I am enclosing a few pictures that David Carter has provided for us. He took enough time from his busy schedule to stop and take a few pictures of us. Thanks to you also David.